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Welcome to Upton Cross ACE Academy

Positioned in the heart of Upton Cross village, on the edge of Bodmin Moor, we are surrounded by a wealth of mining history, farming and glorious countryside. A wonderful place to grow and learn.
Pupil voice is important in the day to day running of our school and we have an active
‘School Council’ that meet regularly to help make decisions for our children regarding
charity days, playground activities etc.
Learning outdoors is what our children thrive on and we have an amazing 'Forest School' and beautiful grounds where our children can flourish in their learning.
We hope you find all you need from our website, but better still come and visit to see us in

Emily Goodey - Head of School
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Xmas Lunch

Dec 21

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Xmas Holidays

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Easter Holidays

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Safeguarding Information

Keeping children safe is eveyone's responsibility
"We have a commitment to safeguard our children".  
We all have a responsibility to act if we are worried about a child. All children have a right to be safe no matter who they are or what their circumstance. 

Designated Lead for Child Protection: 

Emily Goodey

Designated Teachers for Child Protection: 
Kathy Walsh, Zoe Hall, Nicola Plummer

For Children in Care: 
Kathy Walsh
Operation Encompass trained leads:
Emily Goodey & Kathy Walsh
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